The CAMS is a service center of university of Perugia,   founded in the mid- nineties with the primary purpose of conserving, document and valorize the cultural heritage represented by the scientific collections of University; many of them have a considerable international historical value because preserve samples coming from extra European areas and collected by scientists and naturalist-explorers already since the end of eighteen century.

The establishment of CAMS allowed to reassess and look at the University's collections also under the point of view educational, didactic and scientific; before belonging to the ancient "Libera Università di Perugia" (Free University of Perugia).

The center develop activities and provide services also in idealization, production and design of exihibition facilities, temporary or permanent, intended to support both the university teachings and the extra university naturalist education and instruction; using the most modern media of scientific museology and museography.


The support for the scientific contents is offered by university teachers and qualified freelancers.

Besides the management of university's scientific collections, the center is responsible for the diffusion of scientific culture; promote  the scientific museology and naturalistic research in local, national and international areas; and work out activities conducive to the biodiversity conservation, and to the environmental protection and studies.

The CAMS takes care of gardens, museums, exhibition spaces and university's collections, that are in part open to the people in which are included: Botanic and medieval gardens, Greek, Etruscan and Roman plaster casts galleries can be visit in Perugia, while The natural history gallery, agriculture history gallery, mathematics gallery and human anatomy museum can be visited at the university museums center in Casalina (Deruta-Pg).