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The CAMS address its activities, besides obviously to support university teaching, also to a widely different target of audience, and the assets are used by students of all levels, keens,experts and occasional visitors.

 Cultural initiatives proposed (also in important national scientific meeting like for example “ the Darwin Day”, Scientific and technology culture week, “ Biodiversamente”  and Eco-science Festival)  are often aimed to the development of innovative forms of both cooperation within local community and  cultural exchange among different peoples and cultures,through the diffusion of scientific culture; this was carried out with the objective of to contribute to the fight against social exclusions and alienation through a greater accessibility to the scientific culture, as an instrument to get cultural heritage back.



More over, the cultural and educational contribution given to the university of Perugia ,through the museums and collections, is placed constructively in the current Italian Universities “ Third Mission”: Infact, in the last years the activities of “education” and “research” have been supplemented by a new mission which includes: “… l’arricchimento culturale e sociale del territorio, attraverso la produzione di beni dal contenuto culturale, sociale ed educativo” ( Cultural and social enrichment of the territory trough the production of goods with a cultural, social and  educational content.) (Miglietta, 2014).